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CarbonImpact report

There is increasing pressure on businesses to evidence they are carbon conscious and taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment. CarbonImpact calculates the carbon emissions generated for the products bought and/or sold by a business.

Our reports are extremely simple to understand and process, providing a clear insight into a company's carbon emissions. You can download a sample report below.

CarbonImpact offers two types of reports

Scope 3 Evaluation - If you’re looking for a more overarching evaluation of your Scope 3 Emissions, CarbonImpact can do that too. Utilising similar data to calculating Transport Emissions, we follow the Government spend-based method to estimate Scope 3 emissions, calculating the carbon footprint for each product in CO equivalent tonnes.

Transport Emissions Report - Using your unique data to create comprehensive reports for your overall emissions and a line-by line breakdown by sales line, we can evaluate the emissions generated by looking at metrics including quantity, distance travelled and mode of transport, offering a detailed analysis of the emissions generated in the last leg of a product journey.

What will the report include?
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Visibility of the scope 3 emissions created by your business, measured in tonnage
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Top 100 lines in PDF format with graphs to indicate the top ten emitting sectors
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The product lines that emit the most CO₂
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A CSV file with full product breakdown