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The UK Government have set a target for all UK businesses to reach net zero by 2050. Up to 90% of total emissions associated with a company are scope 3.

A CarbonImpact emissions report can give your company visibility of the Scope-3 emissions created by the business, measured in tonnage. Our transparent reports will highlight which product lines emit the most CO2 with easy-to-read graphs identifying the top ten emitting sectors.

Take a look at our sample report which shows just how clear CarbonImpact can make understanding your company’s scope 3 emissions.

Sample Reports
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Monitor Carbon Emissions

Understanding your carbon emissions is the first step on your journey to making a meaningful impact towards environmental sustainability.

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Succeed in Public Tenders

Carbon reduction plans are becoming necessary when bidding on public tenders. CarbonImpact can feed into this plan by enabling you to submit a Scope-3 measurement, helping demonstrate your commitment to the environment and giving you a competitive advantage.

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Stay ahead of potential Government legislation

As UK-wide targets are set, it’s important to get one step ahead, ensuring new legislation doesn’t negatively impact your business. Understanding your company’s carbon emissions is the first step on your journey to reach the Government’s vision of net zero.

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Display your Carbon commitment

As more people recognise the urgency of tackling climate change, it is beneficial for businesses to be proactive. Potential customers, investors and employees increasingly want to know if you are doing the legal minimum or setting more ambitious targets.

Interested in determining your environmental footprint and understanding how CarbonImpact can help?